Title Name Phone


Town Supervisor Walter Prouty Home:  869-5990 wprouty@townofovid.org
Town Board Member Mark Beardsley Home:  532-9280  
Town Board Member Joseph Borst Home:  280-5173 jborst@townofovid.org
Town Board Member John Hubbard Home:  532-3423 jhubbard@townofovid.org
Town Board Member Brian Flood Home:  532-8833 bflood@townofovid.org
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Highway Superintendent

Transfer Station Supervisor

Jack Wickham

Highway Dept. Office:  869-4361

Highway Dept. Fax:  869-5420

Transfer Station Office:  869-9201

Home:  869-9539

Town Clerk James Vangalio

Office:  869-3907

Town Justice Louis VanCleef

Office:  869-9845

Fax:  582-7731

Code Enforcement James Vangalio Home:  869-3907 jvangalio@townofovid.org
Animal Control Officer Aaron Covert Home:  869-5364 acovert@townofovid.org
Town Bookkeeper / Registrar Donalie Kelly Office:  869-9510 dkelly@townofovid.org
Town Constable Roger Getman Home:  869-5616 rgetman@townofovid.org
Assessor Anne Morgan Office:  869-9689 amorgan@townofovid.org
Town Attorney Steven Getman Office:  869-9646 sgetman@townofovid.org
Town Historian Gail Snyder Home:  869-5222 gsnyder@townofovid.org
Tax Collector Cathy Kerns Home:  532-9321 ckerns@townofovid.org
Planning Board Chair Jennifer Holleran Home: 869-2402 jholleran@townofovid.org
Planning Board Member Skip Stamberger Home: 532-9596 sstamberger@townofovid.org
Planning Board Member Michael Nash 315-246-8649 mnash@townofovid.org
Planning Board Member      
Planning Board Member Alvin Deming Home: 869-3566 ademing@townofovid.org
Planning Board Member John B George III Home: 532- jgeorge@townofovid.org
Planning Board Member Rodney Winkleblack Home: 919-440-9784 rwinkleblack@townofovid.org