Year End Meeting

December 30, 2010

The year end meeting of the Ovid Town Board was called to order at 6:00 pm by Town Supervisor Walter Prouty. Also present were Councilmen John Hubbard, Kevin Wilkins and Mark Beardsley, Town Clerk James Vangalio, and Bookkeeper Donalie Kelly.

Board Members received a copy of needed budget adjustments from the Bookkeeper.

With a motion by Councilman Hubbard, a second by Councilman Beardsley, and approval by all the board authorized budget adjustments as presented by Bookkeeper Kelly.

Following the Audit of the bills, Vouchers #443-#480, were approved for payment with a motion by Councilman Wilkins, second by Councilman Hubbard and approval by all for Abstract #13 for $75,097.72. 

With a motion by Councilman Wilkins, a second by Councilman Hubbard, and approval by all, the Board moved into executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

Supervisor Prouty adjourned the meeting immediately following the executive session..

Respectfully Submitted,

James Vangalio

Ovid Town Clerk